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Legion of Players - RPFriendly,Factions,Cities,BP+ Wiped 02-05

IP Address
Category Rust
Server Owner Anonymous
Votes 0
Country United Kingdom GB
Online Players 1
Maximum Online Players 50
Uptime 100%

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Variable Value
build 98598
dedicated d
description_00 are you ready to embark on an extraordinary rust experience that brings together the best of both pv
description_01 p and pve? look no further! join us at legion of players, where a realm of adventure, camaraderie, a
description_02 nd creative excitement awaits.\n\n\nserver features:\n\npvp & pve harmony: our server offers the per
description_03 fect blend of heart-pounding pvp action and the tranquility of pve exploration. whether you're a fie
description_04 rce warrior or an intrepid explorer, you'll find your place in our diverse and engaging world.\n\nde
description_05 dicated staff: our attentive and engaging staff, including active admins and moderators, are always
description_06 ready to assist you. we're committed to creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment for all play
description_07 ers.\n\nroleplay & friendliness: immerse yourself in a roleplay-rich environment where creativity fl
description_08 ourishes. forge alliances, create stories, and interact with fellow survivors in a friendly and resp
description_09 ectful community.\n\nextra loot rates for swift progress: progress at an accelerated pace with our 5
description_10 x rate server settings. it's the perfect balance between rust's challenging survival and a faster-pa
description_11 ced experience.
ent_cnt 110029
fps 35
fps_avg 35.15
game_descr rust
game_dir rust
game_id 252490
gc_cl 592
gc_mb 5244
gmn rust
gmt survival
hash a1650606
hostname legion of players - rpfriendly,factions,cities,bp+ wiped 02-05
keywords mp50,cp0,ptrak,qp0,$r?,v2548,born1717772098,gmrust,cs98598,^m^r,^o^z
map procedural map
max_players 50
num_players 1
num_rules 34
os w
port 28080
protocol 17
pve false
secure 1
status stok
steam_id 90198913001061384
uptime 522909
version 2548
world.seed 1218747105
world.size 4250


Legion of Players - RPFriendly,Factions,Cities,BP+ Wiped 02-05 Live Banner 1

Legion of Players - RPFriendly,Factions,Cities,BP+ Wiped 02-05 Live Banner 2

What is the Legion of Players - RPFriendly,Factions,Cities,BP+ Wiped 02-05 IP?

Server IP Address:

What is the Legion of Players - RPFriendly,Factions,Cities,BP+ Wiped 02-05 PORT?

Server PORT: 28015