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EU Terminus | No Craft | No Gather | 06/06

IP Address
Category Rust
Server Owner Anonymous
Votes 0
Country United Kingdom GB
Online Players 0
Maximum Online Players 50
Uptime 100%

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Variable Value
build 98569
dedicated d
description_00 eu terminus - no crafting or gathering. \non terminus, your survival is dependent on your resource m
description_01 anagement skills. loot everything you can get your hands on, gather resources from the environment,
description_02 and recycle items you no longer need to obtain valuable materials.\nterminus is not for the faint of
description_03 heart. this server will test your individual skills, determination, and instincts. teamwork is esse
description_04 ntial, but in the end, it's your personal survival skills that will see you through the toughest tim
description_05 es.\na few unique features: pve area, meteor showers, dangerous treasures, fast nights, starter kit,
description_06 custom map and more!
ent_cnt 62419
fps 190
fps_avg 184.43
game_descr rust
game_dir rust
game_id 252490
gc_cl 289
gc_mb 2281
gmn rust
gmt survival
hash 5ebe87c1
hostname eu terminus | no craft | no gather | 06/06
keywords mp50,cp0,ptrak,qp0,$r?,v2548,born1717699304,gmrust,cs98569,^o^z
map custom map
max_players 50
num_rules 34
os w
port 28080
protocol 17
pve false
secure 1
status stok
steam_id 90199058626162695
uptime 122105
version 2548
world.seed 434767569
world.size 3500


EU Terminus | No Craft | No Gather | 06/06 Live Banner 1

EU Terminus | No Craft | No Gather | 06/06 Live Banner 2

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Server IP Address:

What is the EU Terminus | No Craft | No Gather | 06/06 PORT?

Server PORT: 28015