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4 / 69

[EU]RIP in Peace|PvE|RaidableBases|Bots|Skins|RaidMe|VIP

IP Address
Category Rust
Server Owner Anonymous
Votes 0
Country Germany DE
Online Players 4
Maximum Online Players 69
Uptime 100%

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Variable Value
build 98779
dedicated d
description_00 for info how to become vip type /info in the chat.\n\nwipe is every first thursday of a month.\n\npr
description_01 emium plugins: raidablebases, npcraiders, botrespawn, skinbox, armoredtrain, convoy, sputnik, powerp
description_02 lantevent, cargoplanecrash\n\nplugins: backpacks, dangeroustreasures, enhancedhammer, fancydrop, fur
description_03 nacesplitter, teleport, remover, zlevel\n\nthe monuments are guarded by bots. be careful!\n\nraidabl
description_04 e bases and dangerous treasures spawn periodically. no risk, no fun.\n\ntuna lamps, lanterns, candle
description_05 hats and miner hats don't consume fuel\n\nranks (playtime):\nbeginner (2h): remover\nregular (10h):
description_06 backpack 1 row, remover, furnace splitter, homes\npro (25h): backpack 2 rows, remover, furnace spli
description_07 tter, homes, spawn mini\nveteran (50h): backpack 4 rows, remover, furnace splitter, homes, spawn min
description_08 i, craft recycler
ent_cnt 106565
fps 38
fps_avg 32.37
game_descr rust
game_dir rust
game_id 252490
gc_cl 185
gc_mb 2748
gmn vanilla
gmt vanilla
hash 2b53a69d
hostname [eu]rip in peace|pve|raidablebases|bots|skins|raidme|vip
keywords mp69,cp4,ptrak,qp0,$r?,v2548,eu,born1717702270,gmvanilla,cs98779,^m^p,^o^z
map procedural map
max_players 69
num_players 4
num_rules 34
os l
port 28017
protocol 17
pve false
secure 1
status stok
steam_id 90199091706643461
uptime 47265
version 2548
world.seed 1408420257
world.size 3600


[EU]RIP in Peace|PvE|RaidableBases|Bots|Skins|RaidMe|VIP Live Banner 1

[EU]RIP in Peace|PvE|RaidableBases|Bots|Skins|RaidMe|VIP Live Banner 2

What is the [EU]RIP in Peace|PvE|RaidableBases|Bots|Skins|RaidMe|VIP IP?

Server IP Address:

What is the [EU]RIP in Peace|PvE|RaidableBases|Bots|Skins|RaidMe|VIP PORT?

Server PORT: 28015