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[SWE/NO/DK/ENG] - Mumindalen | Wiped June 6th | Purge hours

IP Address
Category Rust
Server Owner Anonymous
Votes 0
Country Finland FI
Online Players 12
Maximum Online Players 50
Uptime 100%

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リーالبابا فرانسي007:35:03
Farmer Bob002:08:20
リ Cookie001:18:03
Variable Value
build 98569
dedicated d
description_00 welcome to mumindalen!\n\nwe have a discord server!\nclick -view webpage- to join and learn more abo
description_01 ut our rules.\n\nnote that teams are limited to a maximum of 4 players.\npurge means the hours you a
description_02 re allowed to raid.\n\nfor more information, please refer to our discord server.\n\nby joining our s
description_03 erver, you accept the following rules,\nwhich may result in a warning, kick, or ban if not followed:
description_04 \n\n1. use of abusive language to offend, ridicule, or bully other players.\n profanity is genera
description_05 lly not tolerated either.\n2. expression of offensive, political, religious, or other inflammatory v
description_06 iews in chat,\n voice chat, signs, paintings, nicknames, avatars, or building patterns.\n3. spamm
description_07 ing chat or voice chat with irrelevant messages.\n4. cheating or exploiting game glitches.\n5. use o
description_08 f languages other than swedish, norwegian, danish, or english.\n6. griefing, which is the intentiona
description_09 l destruction of other players' work.\n7. killing fresh spawns for no reason.\nby joining the server
description_10 , you agree to potentially be streamed while playing the game.\nfor more in-depth information about
description_11 our rules, please join our discord server.
ent_cnt 157995
fps 163
fps_avg 160.53
game_descr rust
game_dir rust
game_id 252490
gc_cl 157
gc_mb 3062
gmn rust
gmt survival
hash 39da0b0b
hostname [swe/no/dk/eng] - mumindalen | wiped june 6th | purge hours
keywords mp50,cp11,ptrak,qp0,$r?,v2548,born1717696671,gmrust,cs98569,^m^v
map procedural map
max_players 50
num_players 12
num_rules 34
os w
port 28080
protocol 17
pve false
secure 1
status stok
steam_id 90199091172343812
uptime 51068
version 2548
world.seed 2147483647
world.size 4500


[SWE/NO/DK/ENG] - Mumindalen | Wiped June 6th | Purge hours Live Banner 1

[SWE/NO/DK/ENG] - Mumindalen | Wiped June 6th | Purge hours Live Banner 2

What is the [SWE/NO/DK/ENG] - Mumindalen | Wiped June 6th | Purge hours IP?

Server IP Address:

What is the [SWE/NO/DK/ENG] - Mumindalen | Wiped June 6th | Purge hours PORT?

Server PORT: 28015