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RAW[US] Altis |25K$|Ships|Subs|RHS|CUP|BAF|Base Building

IP Address
Category ARMA 3
Server Owner ()
Votes 0
Country United States US
Online Players 1
Maximum Online Players 70
Uptime 100%

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Variable Value
3rd_person 1
crosshair 1
dedicated d
difficulty_ai 2
difficulty_level 3
game_descr a3wasteland altis v1.4d
game_dir arma3
game_id 107410
hostname raw[us] altis |25k$|ships|subs|rhs|cup|baf|base building
keywords bt,r216,n0,s7,i3,mf,lf,vt,dt,tsandbox,g65545,h2fa4ed15,f1,c-2147483648--2147483648,pw,e15,j0,k0,
map altis
max_players 70
mod_count 18
num_players 1
os w
port 2302
protocol 17
rules_protocol_version 3
signature_count 20
steam_id 90199109152643098
version 2.16.151618


RAW[US] Altis |25K$|Ships|Subs|RHS|CUP|BAF|Base Building Live Banner 1

RAW[US] Altis |25K$|Ships|Subs|RHS|CUP|BAF|Base Building Live Banner 2

What is the RAW[US] Altis |25K$|Ships|Subs|RHS|CUP|BAF|Base Building IP?

Server IP Address:

What is the RAW[US] Altis |25K$|Ships|Subs|RHS|CUP|BAF|Base Building PORT?

Server PORT: 2302