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Vybing on Fjordur - (v358.17)

IP Address
Category ARK: Survival Evolved
Server Owner Anonymous
Votes 0
Country United States US
Online Players 0
Maximum Online Players 30
Uptime 100%

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Variable Value
allowdownloadchars_i 1
allowdownloaditems_i 1
customservername_s vybing on fjordur
daytime_s 17504
gamemode_s testgamemode_c
hasactivemods_i 1
matchtimeout_f 120.000000
mod0_s 2357644511:199005454299760f39d910a06fc45382
mod1_s 1404697612:87cb9e1d490c5fa6d4f255b2952f8302
mod2_s 719928795:3fb6a02945b4dcab4bb3e4b36b75ee39
mod3_s 811782248:f18fdf9b447a853613818a8b04265cc3
numopenpubconn 30
owningid 90178438979077135
owningname 90178438979077135
p2paddr 90178438979077135
p2pport 7862
searchkeywords_s custom
serverusesbattleye_b false
sessionflags 683
serverpassword_b true
dedicated d
game_descr ark: survival evolved
game_dir ark_survival_evolved
game_id 346110
hostname vybing on fjordur - (v358.17)
keywords ,owningid:90178438979077135,owningname:90178438979077135,numopenpubconn:30,p2paddr:90178438979077135,p2pport:7862,legacy_i:0
map fjordur
max_players 30
num_rules 25
os w
password 1
port 7862
protocol 17
secure 1
steam_id 90178438979077135


Vybing on Fjordur - (v358.17) Live Banner 1

Vybing on Fjordur - (v358.17) Live Banner 2

What is the Vybing on Fjordur - (v358.17) IP?

Server IP Address:

What is the Vybing on Fjordur - (v358.17) PORT?

Server PORT: 27062