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5 / 100

[US] RustEZ Elysium PvE | Private Server |

IP Address
Category Rust
Server Owner Anonymous
Votes 0
Country United States US
Online Players 5
Maximum Online Players 100
Uptime 100%

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Variable Value
build 100606
dedicated d
description_00 elysium is a high-performance private server designed for players interested in a more exclusive exp
description_01 erience with lower pops and increased difficulty. an active subscription is required to play this se
description_02 rver.\n\ninformation\n● player and building damage disabled\n● wipes only when forced [last wipe: 7/
description_03 4]\n● active admins and very helpful community\n● decay is active to discourage huge bases\n● inacti
description_04 ve players removed after 7 days of inactivity\n\nfeatures\n● tp - teleport to friends and any placed
description_05 bed or bag\n● auto upgrade - upgrade your base automatically via cupboard\n● sorter - sort items in
description_06 containers and furnaces with a click of a button\n● revive - revive to restore your last position l
description_07 eading up to death, at a cost\n● trade - trade with other players remotely in the comfort of your ow
description_08 n base\n● stacks+ - all item stacks are increased to remove the tedium of storing them\n● backpack -
description_09 an additional inventory that can be accessed at any time\n● levels - gain xp from farming to increa
description_10 se your farming efficiency\n\nuse /info in chat for a full list of commands and helpful information\
description_11 n\nrules\n● no raiding, griefing, or looting of any kind.\n● no mic or chat spam, player disrespect,
description_12 racism, or harassment.\n● no camping loot rooms, monuments, or any highly concentrated areas.\n● yo
description_13 u may build in caves but must ensure players' safe passage.\n● no blocking waterways, building aroun
description_14 d monuments, or large areas of land.
ent_cnt 105310
fps 61
fps_avg 68.58
game_descr rust
game_dir rust
game_id 252490
gc_cl 142
gc_mb 2962
gmn vanilla
gmt vanilla
hash bfe8678c
hostname [us] rustez elysium pve | private server |
keywords mp100,cp5,ptrak,qp0,$r?,v2552,born1720115729,gmvanilla,cs100606,^z^y^m^r^p
map custom map
max_players 100
num_players 5
num_rules 34
os l
port 29015
protocol 17
pve false
secure 1
status stok
steam_id 90199976039486480
uptime 43347
version 2552
world.seed 1253635203
world.size 4096


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What is the [US] RustEZ Elysium PvE | Private Server | IP?

Server IP Address:

What is the [US] RustEZ Elysium PvE | Private Server | PORT?

Server PORT: 28015