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BisectHosting 49cdbeb1

IP Address
Category ARK: Survival Evolved
Server Owner Anonymous
Votes 0
Country United States US
Online Players 0
Maximum Online Players 0
Uptime 100%

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Variable Value
cfg_0 items.spawn_chance=50
cfg_1 items.clothing_spawns_at_full_quality=t
cfg_10 zombies.min_drops=5
cfg_11 zombies.max_drops=10
cfg_12 zombies.min_mega_drops=10
cfg_13 zombies.max_mega_drops=15
cfg_14 zombies.min_boss_drops=15
cfg_15 zombies.max_boss_drops=20
cfg_16 barricades.armor_hightier_multiplier=1
cfg_17 barricades.max_item_distance_from_hull=16
cfg_18 barricades.max_trap_distance_from_hull=4
cfg_19 players.lose_experience_pvp=1
cfg_2 items.weapons_spawn_at_full_quality=t
cfg_20 players.lose_experience_pve=1
cfg_21 players.can_break_legs=f
cfg_22 gameplay.chart=t
cfg_23 gameplay.satellite=t
cfg_24 gameplay.compass=t
cfg_25 gameplay.thirdperson_recoilmultiplier=1.5
cfg_26 gameplay.thirdperson_spreadmultiplier=1.5
cfg_3 items.clothing_has_durability=f
cfg_4 vehicles.has_battery_chance=1
cfg_5 vehicles.min_battery_charge=1
cfg_6 vehicles.max_battery_charge=1
cfg_7 vehicles.has_tire_chance=1
cfg_8 zombies.spawn_chance=25
cfg_9 zombies.loot_chance=50
cfg_count 27
mod_0 3251926587
mod_count 1
dedicated d
game_dir unturned
game_id 304930
hostname bisecthosting 49cdbeb1
keywords pvp,chn,nrm,1pp,wsy,f2p,ben,sns,rm
map escalation
max_players 8
num_rules 37
os l
port 27090
protocol 17
secure 1
steam_id 85568392931774539


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What is the BisectHosting 49cdbeb1 IP?

Server IP Address:

What is the BisectHosting 49cdbeb1 PORT?

Server PORT: 27090